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SumoAnt is the simplest way to setup a website for your business with our beautifully crafted templates for all major professions trade and service businesses. You'll be up and running in minutes not days.

Best of all its FREE to setup and peanuts to host.

Beautiful Templates

Our templates have been crafted by our team of super fussy designers

Mobile Ready

Works on all modern devices such as iPad iPhone and Android devices

Easy to Use

Our website management system is so easy to use, your grandma can do it

Content provided

We offer fully populated templates for most major trades, professions, and services

Powerful Features

All templates include services, products, blogs, showcase, customer feedback, and much more

Setup in minutes

SumoAnt is the fastest way to create a website. Switch on the kettle, you will done before it boils

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Instant Website Features

Each website comes pre configured with the following options

Home Page

Beautiful hame page with links to all of your products and services


A list of services you offer with a separate page for each service describing it fully


A list of products you offer with a separate page for each product describing it fully


A section to allow you to write blog entries to show your expertise and wow potential customers

Our People

A section to allow you to introduce and profile your key employees credentials and experience


Show off your most impressive projects in the showcase. Before and after photos can be added

Customer List

Show off your highest profile customers in the customer list

Customer Feedback

Place all of that positive feedback from you customers on your website for the world to see

Contact Us

All roads lead to the contact us page to allow customers to contact you via phone, email, social media, or contact us form